About Us

Who We Are


Sexy Girl Rock is a Women's Apparel Company whose main focus is only one -Booty Shorts. 


 Being unique means everything when it comes to personality and That's Why You Should Choose Us


We are a one of kind brand that makes sure to provide a unique experience. You can choose from an unlimited amount of sexy panty designs perfectly crafted for any kind of moment.


With more than 10 years in the field, from designing to creating the platform, we have been a trailblazer, and will continue to work hard to be the ultimate destination for sexy booty shorts.


Our story beings in early 2008, after 2 years of research and development  in 2010 we started a journey and have never looked back. 


 In 2013, we launched on Amazon - and anyone could get their own booty shorts directly shipped to their doors with only a few clicks, from the privacy of their own homes.


Our aim is for you to feel unique and special, that's the reason why you can choose from dozens of different designs from our store.


Creativity and uniqueness is a gift, so when inspiration hits we want you to have place to go to create or find sexy booty shorts.


Creating moments that last a lifetime, providing the best quality booty shorts available + a unique shopping experience is what we have always aimed for.


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